Tristan passed at the clubhouse one day with a 60's Slingshot and offered the club to build it as a project.. we didn't need much time to decide it would be awesome to have it as club project.

We soon realized that it would lead to a large sum of money that would go in to it, so we started asking around in the stores where we buy our parts and Speed shop Belgium immediately offered to sponsor the rear axle. Donkers Revisie Netherlands, will sponsor our inline 6 engine to build it full race! Lucas Oil will sponsor us with oil for our slingshot and all club rides. Thanks to all our sponsors to make this possible.

We started in November of 2011. Because we live far apart from eachother, we agreed to work on it one weekend in a month.. hmm euh at least that's what we try, so it will not be the fastest project to advance, but it's more fun to build it together and we'll see if it ever get's finished. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoy building it.

So again thanks a lot to our sponsor SPEED SHOP BELGIUM go to

More soon..