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1947 "The Buick"

This is the first Scrapers car ever build by Tristan and Charles back in the days of C &T Speedshop.

It has a 4 to 2 door conversion with widened full fade-aways, chopped 2 1/2" up front and 3 1/2" in the back. It's Nosed, decked and shaved, trunk has been pancaked. Hood opens at front, not from the sides. It has a 350cui Chevrolet engine, TH400 gearbox, power steering, axels and power brakes from a Chevy Caprice Classic from 1989 (engine probably 1991) Powersteering column stops at firewall, then continues with original steering column and steering wheel. It has the original chassis with Chevy front clip, it's airbaged and runs so smooth it cruises 100Mph easy! Original interior, body gloss black, roof shinny black with golddust. Original 16 inch wheels front, 15 inch wheels rear. Still lots to be done, to finish and to adjust.



The Buick hitting the streets..