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1954 Chevrolet Bel Air "Triple Bee"

This car was imported from the United States, Bow's friend lent him this car about 20 years ago and crossed the states with this lead sled. When that friend died suddenly, his wife contacted Bow whether he wanted to buy the car.. Of course he did!

Car is build in the usa, but we didn't figure out yet by who or when? Engine is a small block Chevrolet 350cu with TH350 gearbox, Mustang 2 frontclip, it has '56 Packard Clipper taillights, '51 Oldsmobile rear bumper, '58 Thunderbird scoop, Carson Top with 3,5 inch chop up front and 5 inch in the back, frenched head lights, it's nosed and decked.. here it is in full effect "Tripple Bee"

at Antwerp Vintage Reunion 2012

Pictures taken by SSC.

Bow's 1958 Panhead swingarm chopper

Original swingarm frame with '71 shovel 33mm forks, sportster rear fender and panhead tail light, vintage cobra seat, jockey shift with mouse trap, CV carburator, 21" frontwheel, 16" in the rear, Sportster tank, paint by Sven aka El Cheapo.

Latest trick, 6 inch over fork legs..