new prices mean new shelfs11/06/2013

Because of the many new prices we won at KKF and The Jokers cars & bikeshow we had to build a new shelf in out clubhouse. So now there is more space for more prices to come....

kustom kulture forever 201305/06/2013

A little bit further than the old KKF festival terrain was this old coal mine. The new location for the KKF festival 2013.
We went there already on thursday so we already could meet some friends of us and have a couple of bears and german sausages from the bbq. Friday and saterday people came rolling in to have a nice and good weekend to look and listen to cars, bikes, tattoos, burn-outs, a motordome, pinstripers, bands, dj’s etc etc... and than leave back home on sunday with a hangover.

the old coalmine

you can’t really get any lower than this.

the motordome waiting in silence.

nice location to put up the bikeshow.

We won big time with the Scraper CC. best clubstand (chosen by the KKF organisation), best custom (chosen by the Lifters), best custom (chosen by the Wasters) and best original hotrod (chosen by the Cheaters)... thanks!

We picked Stephan Gürke as a winner for best custom. Congratulations again Stephan.

And un SUNday... Some of us went on partying in Sweden and some us drove back home after a great weekend.

brussel tattoo convention 201129/05/2013

In 2011 we were asked, along with Motorized magazine, to host the Kustom car and bike show on the brussel tattoo convention. So we did..

hotrod surf at FAST 201129/05/2013

Our fellow Lucky Lenn and F.A.S.T (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) organise the Hotrod & Surf event.
A visit to our backyard and see the sea is always nice. And in combination with a nice small event which is worth to visit we went to Scheveningen (The Netherlands).

Note: 13 and 14 juli 2013 there will be another HotRod and Surf event at F.A.S.T. sssso so come over to Scheveningen this year!

Building the new clubhouse29/05/2013

The Scrapers are living and working through out The Netherlands and Belgium. Some work at home, some have their own garage and others share a garage. In one of the shared garages we found some space left over. Due to the fact that another car was finished and ready for the roads.

What to do with the space? Well... we had a little kitchen where sat in the wintertime. But that one was to smalle and to cold. We couldn’t have people to come over while you are more than welcome. So why not make a new bar/clubhouse!

opening the new clubhouse januari 201229/05/2013

So we build a new clubhouse in 3 months. And now what? Like we always do... PARTY!!!

Chimay 2012. The first european hotrod&custom show29/05/2013

On the 23rd and 24th of june 2012 there would be this first european hotrod&custom show.
On a raceway in the south of Belgium. There would be a Drag Race, 1000m SPEED TRIALS, a dirt track, a Burnout Box, Motorcycle Displays, Car Show & Shine, Club Displays, Tattoo artist, a Pinstriping & art show, Burlesque Shows, DJ's & Live Bands, a Wall of Death, a Soap Box Derby, Vendors and a Swap Meet. Sounded like a nice event to visit. So we get our cars ready and went off to Chimay...

Always nice when our friends Sharon and Patrick tail along with us...

Scrapers reliability run march 201129/05/2013

You know all the deal. Working on your car during wintertime and gettin eager to go out the garage. Test it while you drive it. So therefore we have the Scrapers reliabilty runs. A day during trip visiting different places, have a pitstop here and there so other can join in and just enjoy the first ride of the year.

Our fellow Lucky Lenn joined us with the ride out.

Eric making new friends with the Orange Road Devils

Scrapers reliability run april 201229/05/2013

This time the trip took us to a tattoo convention in antwerpen and ride down the docks of Antwerpen and through Zeeland (The Netherlands).

Our fellow Laurent from the Cheaters (Switserland)

If it ain’t ain’t much... the windmill wanderers

Rockin Jalopy - Rosmalen 201129/05/2013

presented by the Ford brothers

The Rockin Jalopy

A Cult indoor weekend for traditional hotrods, kustoms, motorcycles and Rock and Roll / Rockabilly

They pack the Autotron with Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Customs, Choppers, Bobbers... There will be Kustom Kulture Art and there will also be a big vendor section. Don't expect 1000's of Cars 'N Bikes. What do you expect...? Hey... It's only The Netherlands. But... If you're in for a Good Time, Rods, Customs, Old School & Kustom Bikes and greased up folks with busted knuckles. Rock and Roll / Rockabilly music and pre '66 stuff. Be There!

So we did...

our stay with lake side view

Scrapers the last couple of years28/05/2013

In the last 13 years we’ve been to many places, events, meeting, ride-outs etc etc. But we didn’t really posted any pics of all the things we did.
Due to the fact we didn’t had a website and/or weblog or didn’t updated them.

Like old cars websites need some maintenance as well. The upcomming couple of days/weeks i will post pics you’ve missed out the last couple of years. Things like the scrapers reability runs, hot rod surf, rosmalen, re-opening of our clubhouse, and road verges we visited....

New taillights in the make.29/12/2012

Vins and Dennis have worked on new taillights for Vins his Pick Up.

They turned a piece of aluminum on the lathe to the correct size to fit the lenses in there, all they need to do is fit some bulbs in and install the new taillights!

It will be a nice improvement on the back of the "Blue Crush"




Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama17/12/2012

The Jalopy was great fun this year, they had a splendid band on Saturday night, Twenty Sicks in a small pub at the venue.. they were Ace! We on the other hand had our own thing going on.. a new Scraper Sjef that joined our club and we had him dressed as Captain Morgan Aaarrrrgggh!

And boy our Captain was pretty in tha mood.. PARTY TIME!!!


There were many new cars at the show, unfortunately we do not have many pictures so stole some from Russel Debarr.

Perry from Eindhoven Perry's Rod Shop '49 Mercury is an ex Scrapers car.. was build over 10 years, was almost there but never finished and sold..  but to end up with a kustom in this condition, Perry still did put a lot into the car to get it like this!

Percy from Vultures CC Belgium his shoebox is finally getting there.

Micha and Sjef our new member and his original 50's hot rod 1932 5 Window Coupe.

Sjef his coupe and next to it an ex Scrapers hot rod pick up.

Daan from Rumblers CC Rurhpott his 40's Chevy

Nice 30's Ford Model A Tudor still parked outside.

Nice 1955 Cadillac Eldorado Biarirtz Convertible.

Trashers CC: Gijs '29 Ford pick up and Sacha"s '36 Plymouth.

Rene's new Ironhead chopper is a beauty!

Wing Palace from Uden Holland latest trick a Shovel to Knuckle conversion! If interested contact them at

Louman Automotive museum06/10/2012

On 6 October we had a club meeting and we went to the Louman Automotive Museum. To be honest, we've done a few museums, but this one has something special, almost every item is in a separate room and it was just wonderful to visit. The museum was built 3 years ago and owns a great collection of one of the first carriages untill the first cars rolled out of the factories, but also a lot of art work around the automotive scene.. worth a visit!

Horror coach? build in Portugal 1779, could be count Dracul's if you ask us.


Is this a real apehanger?

Yeah right.. forget about Captain Zeppos, this thing rules!

Photo shoot with Keith Harman11/08/2012

11th of August we had Keith Harman over from England to do a photo shoot for some magzines. We have not yet seen his pictures .. but here are some pictures we took ourselves.. after this photoshoot we made a party.. of course.

at night is was party time with Motorcity Angels!!!